Metal structures

From pallets to trusses, from fabrication to installation


Our company produces welded metal structures of varying degrees of complexity for standard or individual projects:

  • hand banisters;
  • barrier railings;
  • lamp posts;
  • decorative fixtures;
  • embedded parts/inserts;
  • steel stanchions;
  • framework and chills;
  • moulds and forms for rubber goods manufacturing;
  • hoist and unified scaffolds;
  • racking;
  • building structures:
    - girders (length up to 33 m),
    - pillars,
    - tie rods,
    - anchor bolts. 

Different types of protection scheme can be applied, from painting to hot-dip galvanising, at the customer's request. The cleaning of the material for painting is carried out mechanically or by sandblasting. Delivery by road (within Latvia) as well as assembly is possible.

Milling and turning are used in the fabrication process, if necessary.Sheet metal is prepared using guillotine shears or gas-cutting machines. Welding is carried out by certified welders.

Depending on the requirements and the material to be used, the technology and welding method (manual arc with DC/AC current or semi-automatic, welding tractors are possible) are selected. Sheet metal blank rolling and forging for small batches of parts are possible.

The following products are widely used in our company: metal structures for shopping centres, petrol stations, administrative buildings, forestry nursery pallets, borehole casing pipes, borehole equipment, various types of non-standard products, machinery, etc.

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