Ready mix concrete

Supply of quality and certified concrete mixes


he materials used in the production of ready-mixed concrete are certified for quality and conformity. The excellent quality of the concrete mix is guaranteed by automated loading of the ingredients and constant monitoring in our laboratory.


German ELBA concrete mixing plant with a capacity of up to 30 cubic metres per hour.

Our offer

e produce different types of concrete mixes. From B7.5 to B50, as well as cement mortars from M75 to M400. The bonding agent used is the highest quality Portland cement from Acme (CI - 42.5R), which gives the concrete excellent cold resistance and waterproofness. As coarse aggregates we use, for example, granite crushed stone in fractions 5-22 or dolomite crushed stone in fractions 8-16. If other aggregate fractions are required, we ask that you make your request in advance.

According to the customer's wishes, we can improve the properties of the concrete to be produced by introducing Sika aggregates, which include:

Air-entraining admixtures, which increase the concrete's salinity;
Admixtures that make the concrete mix more resistant to aggressive influences;
Curing accelerators and retarders.

We also offer the possibility to produce special mixes with fibre and expanded clay concrete.
Depending on the customer's requirements, our products can be delivered by our road transport or dispatched by the customer's transport

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